Louse Out is an interactive Self-Help Guide for the purposes of head lice removal written on a level that resonates with children. It is our genuine desire to provide kids with simple and sound solutions to addressing the confusion they may experience while in the midst of a head lice infestation

Louse Out will hold their hand through the process of understanding the life cycle of head lice to implementing effective measures in which to eradicate an infestation. Our Self-Help Guide is introspective touching on how a youth may feel subconsciously while experiencing a head lice infestation to preventative measures in which to implement in order to avoid repeated bouts with head lice.

The pages of Louse Out are black and white so that kids may add their own version of colors further assisting in the overall learning cycle.  O.C’s Hair Police is guided by the faith that “Knowledge is Power” for every child while adamantly insisting that “Their Voice Matters” in this process.