The V-Comb compliments our Non-Toxic ABSOLUTE CLEAR Enzyme Head Lice Spray in that it is also chemical free! The V-Comb incorporates combing and vacuuming in sync to remove head lice and their eggs (nits).  The debris is deposited into a filter unit illuminated by a bright LED allowing you to view what has been removed.  The teeth of the V-Comb are stainless steel with rounded edges further enhanced by two adjustable combing angles.

Our V-Comb package includes; (1.) 1 Vacuum-Comb, (2.) 4 Disposable Capture Filters, (3.) 1 Cleaning Brush, (4.) 1 Quick Guide, and (5.) 1 Instructional Manual.

The features of the V-Comb offer; (1.) Chemical-free head lice treatment, (2.) Disposable head lice capture filter, (3.) Compact and ergonomic design, (4.) Rounded stainless steel teeth with adjustable combing angles, (5.) LED illuminated filter unit, and (6.) AC powered device.

The V-Comb is an efficient device to minimize and stabilize a head lice infestation.  With a commitment to follow through over an 11 day period, the V-Comb can ultimately eradicate the infestation as well.  To enhance your V-Comb experience, please do not hesitate to access our 24/7 FREE Consultation @ 949.631.2675 or  We are “In It To Win It” with you as a United Lice Fight Brigade!