• Directions for lice removal comb:
    1. Use the 16oz. non-toxic ABSOULTE CLEAR lice removal shampoo
    2. Use the 16oz. non-toxic ABSOULTE CLEAR anti lice conditioner
    3. Dry hair slightly in the towel
    4. Untangle hair using an ordinary comb.
    5. Separate hair into half-inch sections
    6. Place the teeth of the lice removal comb called Head and Lice Terminator Comb next to the scalp. Starting from the root, gently comb through the hair until your reach the tip.
    7. Clean the comb from removing lice after each stroke.
    8. Repeat steps 5-7 until the entire head has been combed.
    9. Carefully check the hair with a magnifying glass to be sure no lice are remaining.
    10. Continue to inspect for lice and nits daily.
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