One Month Supply - Enzymes Made In The USA! Read below the instructions for the best lice conditioner! Step 1: Spread Conditioner in dry or wet hair Apply the 16oz. non-toxic ABSOULTE CLEAR anti-lice conditioner in dry or wet hair.  Be sure to massage well into the scalp while working your way down to the ends of the hair. Step 2: Comb anti lice conditioner with comb Using a normal comb, run through the hair conditioner and separate into sections based on hair thickness. Step 3: Comb through hair with lice comb Switch the ordinary comb for our Head and Lice Terminator Comb to remove lice and nits. Start from the root of the hair and gradually move the comb towards the end of the hair. After each comb, be sure to wipe the conditioner on a paper towel or tissue.  Repeat this step until you have combed through all sections of hair. Step 4: Rinse out conditioner Rinse out the anti lice conditioner in the shower with warm water. Seal the used tissue or paper towel in a plastic bag and throw it away. We encourage 3 separate treatments to ensure all lice and nits are removed.