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Every O.C.’s Hair Police Professional Technician and Lice Consultant (P-TLC) has had personal experience with the onset of head lice. We understand both the physical nuisance that head lice creates as well as the emotional anxiety it seems to inevitably instill within each individual and/or family challenged by an infestation.

O.C.’s Hair Police believes in a centralized focused effort of head lice eradication inclusive of our Non-Toxic ABSOLUTE CLEAR enzymes and methodical manual removal process. This procedure has been guaranteed over the test of time and does not entail uncomfortable, possibly painful heat temperate assisted head lice removal methods.

To our neighbors, classmates, work associates, and fellow families we believe that this customized approach most effectively supports our commitment as…

Your Lice Line to Louse Arrest!

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0+ Days
Over 10 years worth of experience gained while immersed in every possible head lice scenario!
0+ Children Strong
Community outreach spanning beyond a decade reflected in our head lice screenings of school aged children performed on average every 30 days.
0% Super Lice Is Real
Head lice are resistant to pesticide levels in chemically based OTC head lice products. Non-Toxic ABSOLUTE CLEAR eradicates. Know your product!


Prevention to Elimination

Everything Head Lice!

Head Lice is NOT the common cold. It will NOT go away on its own!

O.C.’s Hair Police Supports Your Local Community By Partnering With Local Retailers and Product Rep’s To Carry Our Non-Toxic ABSOLUTE CLEAR Head Lice Enzymes Product Line. Click Here To Find A Retail Location Or Product Rep Near You!

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“For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.” – Millard Fuller

Spread the word NOT the lice!

Lice News

Current and pertinent informative news on head lice interlaced on occasion with a little humor. Together, "We Got This!"

Celebrating Diversity As A Community Within The Head Lice Industry

O.C.'s Hair Police celebrates diversity in small business ownership by providing your community with a privately owned Head Lice Removal Service and Product company answering to your specific needs.

Fundraising Opportunities

We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to your school and/or organization.

Charitable Contribution Program

Our ongoing Charitable Contribution Program honors you, your efforts, your compassion for others!

Career Opportunities

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

O.C.’s Hair Police is guided
by the faith that Knowledge is Power!

We are committed to providing extensive information to the communities of families we care for ranging from Head Lice Removal Services to taking the time to answer frequently asked questions to providing preventative measures that are specifically crafted to meet the lifestyle of those of you battling back against head lice and nits.



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